April offers a wide range of training opportunities for your group of leaders, entrepreneurs, small business owners or sales team.

Services Offered

Group Training

Conference, Workshop, Retreat, Live Webcast, Telecast

  • Half Day – 4 hours
  • Full Day Training: 6 hours
  • Multiple Day Training: 12 – 18 hours
  • Monthly – One group call per month or per week

Private One-On-One Coaching

Calls with you/your sales team

  • 1 hour call
  • Package of 3 calls – one hour each
  • Package of 6 calls – one hour each
  • Monthly

Hire April for Other Projects

  • Outsource projects to me from your clients. I do the work. We share the income.
  • Hire me as a spokeswoman, host or on-air talent for your business, conference, product launch, online video’s, conferences, and events.
  • Hire me as the liaison between you and your prospects. This turns a cold lead.
  • Create an on-demand training program for your sales team or group. I create training video’s for your group to watch on-demand. I can also teach LIVE in person at your office, MP3 audio’s, webinars, webcasts, retreats or conferences.
  • Hire me as your interim Sales Executive to lead your sales team.
  • Hire me to do one-on-one or group coaching for individuals on your sales team or group. Weekly, monthly, annually. I do this work by phone. I provide motivation and valuable knowledge to boost their productivity.

Training Topics*

My Sweet Spot

  • Influence (The “Influence for Good” Method)
  • Innovation (Being a one-of-a-kind in an industry of sameness)
  • Manifesting & Miracles (Make the nearly impossible, possible)
  • Emotionally compelling stories (The effortless way to get in front of ideal clients)
  • Compelling & memorable customer experiences (The key to viral marketing)
  • Releasing fear and leading from love
  • Trust
  • Spiritual principles for business
  • Discover your right path, your sweet spot
  • Creating compelling viral Youtube™ video’s & online campaigns

*(A detailed description of training topics is available upon request or we can co-create something that will work for your group.)

Why April?

April Yvette is different than any other trainer or coach due to her unique ability to bridge the business world with the spiritual world in a modern way. She is multi-sensory, a visionary and has 20 years of business experience as an Influence Expert and Personal Development Leader. She teaches from personal experience, experiments, case studies and her vast perspective. April has three main gifts that make her unique.

  • April’s first gift is her ability to see how “this is like that”. Meaning, she can digest a lot of information quickly and easily see patterns and clues that can help you solve a problem fast and/or reinvent something new that your clients will want to talk about and buy.
  • April’s second gift is her “Influence for Good” method. She has mastered the delicate process of “opening people’s hearts”, building instant trust, credibility and influencing a buying decision within weeks rather than years. Her “Influence for Good” method is so effective that she chooses to only teach this method to purpose-driven, ethical business executives and leaders that truly have products and services that can make the world a better place.
  • April’s third gift is being multi-sensory and a visionary. While working with clients she receives rapid flashes of insight, images, visions of the future,andclear messages and innovative ideas that can change everything for the better.

Case Studies & Testimonials

Case Study #1- Centex Homes

Centex Homes hired me as the Affinity Marketing Manager for the Indianapolis Division. Using an innovative idea and my influence expertise, I increased sales for the entire division by 15% year over year (multi-millions of dollars) in my first 4 months.

Awards: “Sales Person of the Year” at Centex Homes (Sold $9 Million Dollars in 1 yr)

Recommendation: “April has one of the most creative business minds I know. I firmly believe April has just begun to scratch the surface of her future success and she will be a force in American business and leadership for years to come. I am very proud to say I know April and to offer this recommendation.” – Kyle Gillette Centex Homes V.P. Marketing & Sales (formerly) Associate Broker/ Easy Street Realty (Currently)

Case Study #2: Client: Kesha Collins- Creator of The Smoogy™

My client Kesha Collins felt a little nervous about the investment to hire me as her business consultant. She decided to trust her instincts and hire me anyway. She started out with a home-baked cookie from her kitchen. (No website, no packaging.) After six consulting calls with me, and following through with what she learned, she generated a 2,000+% return on her investment with me. She was selected to appear on a TV show competition for entrepreneurs and she won the $20,000 grand prize! And received another $100,000 investment for her startup costs. Her product is now sold in major retail and grocery stores across the U.S.

Kesha on WISH TV 8 News:

Kesha’s website:

Recommendation: “Yes I would refer April. I would describe April as the voice of motivation….April can plant thoughts in your mind that will have you ready to take over the world.” – Tekisha Collins- Creator of the Smoogy Cookie™

Case Study #3- Client: Alaa Abdelhadi- Creator of Changelingz™

My client named Alaa Abdelhadi had an idea scribbled on a piece of paper when she hired me as her business consultant. After six calls with me, and following through with what she learned, she created the product & landed a spot on a TV infomercial where she sold thousands of dollars in product in 10 minutes on TV. Her product is profitable and she is opening her first retail store in Dallas, TX. I also created her unique brand names and she trademarked them:

  • Stylesteps™
  • Changelingz™

Her TV infomercial:

Her website:

Recommendation:You have been an amazing role model through my journey, I honestly give you the credit for all my accomplishments.” – Alaa Abdelhadi- Creator of Changelingz™

Testimonial: Jen Kampmeier- Founder of Purple Pale TV
Testimonial: Carol Coots- Founder of Practical Cost Reduction

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Inspiration, Innovative Ideas, Prosperous Living & Personal Success Training

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